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SHEIN Coupon Codes ✂ Promo Codes and Deals

You will get up to 30% discount with our SHEIN.com coupons, offers and discount codes

Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
PromotionUp to 50% promo at SHEIN.com sale items20 June
CouponTake 15% promo code at SHEIN.com order over EUR7511 July
CouponSHEIN.com 20% promo code order over USD14917 July
CouponR$60 SHEIN Coupon for orders over R$400. Only for BRAZIL Customers!10 January

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SHEIN Review | Pro and Cons

The main advantage with which Shein is classified in the top of the online clothing stores is the quality of the products they offer and the fact that they look like a designer fashion collection, which you can purchase at prices that make you think You get them almost free. The store puts a strong emphasis on the presentation of its products, so that the pictures are as real as possible. Another advantage highly appreciated by most clients is that Shein offers a section called Trends, where it offers tips for colors, patterns and materials to be worn in different seasons, but also the combinations of clothing that you create Even you. Another benefit is that the store is not nice on a particular type of audience, but offers special categories for women, as well as for men, children, but also a vast category of clothing with sizes suitable for "Plus Size", which denotes Diversity. 
A great impediment is the long enough waiting time, which can sometimes exceed a month, so if you rushed to purchase the most recent coat in the new collection, there is a possibility that when it arrives, it will no longer be The right weather for him. Another very large problem, which is not discussed by Shein is that many clients complained about the process of returning products, motivating that either their application was not analyzed or the transport costs incurred by Customers approach the total value of the products or even the fact that they have not received all their products. 

SHEIN Coupon FAQs » How To Order & Save

To buy at the best price on SHEIN.com, we recommend that you use one of our coupons in the list above, which we update each time a new coupon code appears so that you have the largest discounts for this store. Here are answers to some of the usual questions about SHEIN.

  • Do I have to pay taxes for my goods?

Being a site based in the United States, for orders sent there is not charged the delivery fee, but when it comes to the transport of products at international level, charges are applicable for transport and other customs duties.

  • How can I cancel an order?

Shein offers 2 ways to cancel orders, which aim both unpaid orders, which are automatically canceled within 24 hours of their submission, as well as for unpaid orders, which you can cancel by accessing the account and the "Cancel Order" section, where You will be asked why you want to cancel your order and the method by which you want to receive your money back.

  • What happens with a return?

The product you wish to return will be packaged and sent to you personally by any means of delivery, then it will be analyzed for the Shein to ensure that it has not been used, then only the value of the products will be returned , not transport. 

  • How can I pay for SHEIN?

Shein accepts payment with most credit and debit cards, from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Discover, along with payment via PayPal account, payment via bonus points earned in previous purchases and Of course, payment by discount coupons.

  • What is the best SHEIN coupon code?

The best discount offers can be found only within the site, in its section, where discount codes will bring low prices by over 80%.

  • Can I use SHEIN coupons taken from other sites?

Yes, as long as the discount coupons are valid and valid, without exceeding the date stated on them, their origin does not matter.

  • How can I use a SHEIN promo code?

The code entered on the discount coupon can be placed in a promotional box, present at the end of the checkout process, when the payment method is chosen.

To make it easier to understand exactly where the coupon should be added, I've attached a drawing.


About SHEIN Coupons & Deals

Shein offers the opportunity of its new clients, who choose to subscribe to the newsletter, to save money on their first order, through a coupon in the value of $3 or through free shipping. Within the various promotions, constantly organized on the site, Shein offers coupons with discount codes from $10 to $35, depending on the amount you spend on shopping. At the same time, on a simple Google search, you can find dozens of sites specializing in offering coupons for online stores, which provide discounts for Shein up to 50%.

SHEIN Shopping Tips

The best way to save money in the purchase experience on Shain, is to search for its section, which offers discounted prices on many products or even in whole categories of products. The  SALE menu comprises 4 discount subcategories, with prices under $5, $10 or $15, along with a section dedicated to products with a reduced price up to 90%. 

SHEIN Shipping & Return Policy

The store offers customers 2 delivery methods for international delivery of products, Flat Rate shipping and Express shipping. The first method of delivery estimates the receipt of the products at 10-28 working days, while the Express way lasts between 8-20 days. In terms of delivery costs, they revolve around the amount of $15, but the delivery can also be free if the shopping cart exceeds a certain amount.

Refunds can be done within 30 days, contacting customer Service and specifying the product and the reason you want it returned. The processing of the return request lasts 24 hours, and after confirmation, you will send the product back, supporting the delivery costs. You will be able to receive the money within 5 days of the store receiving the product.

SHEIN Customer Service

Shein contributes to communicating with its clients through 4 ways, the most common being the FAQ list, where there are answers to most of the problems encountered. If you do not find your problem in that list, you can send a complaint in which you describe the problem and will be answered as accurately as possible. You can also enter a Live Chat with a representative of the store. One last way customer Service is dedicated to bloggers who want to get a collaboration with Shein. 

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13 June 2024

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Ways to save more at SHEIN

You can save more money at shopping on Shein if you are watching the site for the many weekly promotions it offers, which only targets the category of trousers or footwear. Another way is the holiday period, which really comes "festivals" is discounts for most products. The shop also has an area for new products, so always when it is updated, the old products fall in price. 

Connect with SHEIN on Social Media

To keep up to date with the fashion trends proposed by Shein, but also with their offerings and products, you can track their pages present in Social Media, on Facebook, where the store counts over 8.000 photos and 10 million fans, Instagram, where besides the Over 8 thousand posts, and their category of highlights is very well organized in contests, live shows, discounts, new products and much more. The company's Twitter shows over 40 thousand followers combinations of clothes, accompanied by links to the respective products. The most dynamic presentations of Shein collections are represented by the models of the dozens of promotional campaigns posted on their YouTube platform. 

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