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Udemy Discount Code

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Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
PromotionUDEMY.com coupon: up to 50% discount for courses22 November
CouponUDEMY.com 10% promo code28 November
CouponUDEMY.com 10% promo code08 November

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UDEMY Discount Code

UDEMY Review | Pro and Cons
UDEMY Product Categories
Important UDEMY Info  
Benefits of Using UDEMY
UDEMY Shopping Tips
Ways to Save More at UDEMY
About UDEMY Coupons & Deals
The Maximum Discount Offered by UDEMY Coupon
UDEMY Coupon for New Customers
UDEMY Coupon for Existing Customers
UDEMY 11.11 Offers & Promo Codes
UDEMY Black Friday Offers & Promo Codes
UDEMY Cyber Monday Offers & Promo Codes
UDEMY Christmas Offers & Promo Codes
How to Get UDEMY Promo Codes
How to Use an UDEMY Coupon

1. UDEMY | Pro and Cons

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States of America, UDEMY was founded in 2010 by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani and it is one of the world’s leading education technology companies that gives access to a top-notch online learning experience. From its offices in San Francisco, Denver, Dublin, Ankara, Austin, Melbourne, Istanbul and Gurgaon, UDEMY gives access to more than 75.000 instructors and over 210.000 courses in 75 languages. With more than 67 million learners across the world, 900 million course enrollments and more than 15.000 enterprise customers, UDEMY has taken the world by storm not only with incredible courses for students and individuals but also with a curated collection of special courses suitable for companies, governments and non-profit organizations. Explore now the world of UDEMY and choose the online video course suitable for your needs and your area of interests. You will get access to useful courses that can help learn the coding language with Python and to many other courses that will teach you how to visualize and analyze data with Excel, or that will help you build websites with Web Development. Plus, you can also learn JavaScript, cloud computing with Amazon Web Service (AWS) or you can get drawing classes. Do you need more reasons to convince yourself that UDEMY is the right choice when it comes to learn online directly from the comfort of your home? Did you know that big companies like Samsung, Cisco, AT&T, P&G, City, Ericsson, WordPress and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are using UDEMY? Did you know that the company comes in handy with many other pros? It welcomes you with an easy-to-use interface where you will get access to an unrivalled number of online courses suitable for different fields including marketing, lifestyle, design and music. Furthermore, you can try UDEMY before spending your money thanks to the free courses that offer a simplified learning adventure. Plus, UDEMY also gives access to different payment methods including PayPal and Apple Pay and to an incredible 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. What is even more important is that you can become a teacher yourself if you have the right skills. Unfortunately, just like many other similar platforms, UDEMY has its own cons too. There are many customers who complained about the poor Customer Support Team. Plus, due to the fact that anyone can become a teacher and that there are no special technical requirements, the quality of some courses may not be a professional one.

2. UDEMY Categories

With so many courses and tutors available on the platform, you might get overwhelmed trying to find the best online lessons suitable for your preferences. The best thing to do is to have a look on each main product category to easily find the courses you truly need. We recommend that you purchase the courses because you will get access to all the features and tools available and you can even get massive discounts when you redeem the right code or coupon.

2.1 Development

Do you want to learn the hidden secret of coding and programming? Or perhaps you want to learn software testing or engineering? Go to the Development category and you will get access to a lot more. You will find web development, game development courses as well as database design and data science courses and a lot more. Now you can become an expert and you can even get the best prices for your favorite course with the right UDEMY Discount Code.

2.2 Business

Do you want to learn more about the business industry? Check now the dedicated category and you will get access to a wide array of useful courses about Operations, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Management, Business Law, Analytics and Intelligence, Human Resources, E-Commerce, Real Estate and about even more. Use now one of the official UDEMY Coupons to get massive discounts for your preferred online course.

2.3 Finance & Accounting

If you work in the finance industry and you want to learn even more about this field, then you should go to the Finance & Accounting category because you will get access to many incredible online courses. You can learn useful things about the cryptocurrency world, money management tools, financial modeling and analysis and about how you can invest and trade your money to become richer and more successful. And with the right UDEMY Promo Code, you can get special prices for most of these courses.

2.4 IT & Software

We all know that nowadays, the IT world has gained more and more fame. You’ve got now the incredible opportunity to become an expert and to change your activity. With UDEMY, you can learn everything about IT certifications, network and security, hardware, operating systems and servers and so on so forth. Do you want to attend these online courses at a bargain price? Use one of the official UDEMY Voucher Codes and you will get the best prices for your favorite course.

2.5 Office Productivity

If you want to become more productive and to acknowledge even more computer skills, the you should check the Office Productivity category where you will find special courses about Microsoft, Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle, ChatGPT, Notion Workspace and about even more. You can now significantly reduce the costs of theses course with the official UDEMY Deals.

2.6 Personal Development

With this category, you can learn how to become happier and how to manage your stress levels or how to get motivated to do daily things. Basically, here you will the best courses about religion and spirituality, personal brand building, self esteem and confidence, parenting and relationships, career development, leadership as well as about memory and study skills, creativity and personal productivity. Invest more in yourself and get all the courses you need at a reduced price with the official UDEMY Offers.

2.7 Design

Become more creative and invest wisely in design courses. Use one of the official UDEMY Promo Codes to get access to affordable prices when you purchase the following courses: Web Design, Design Tools, User Experience Design, 3D&Animation, Fashion Design, Interior and Architectural Design and Graphic Design & Illustration.

2.8 Marketing

Are you interested in Marketing aspects? Check now the Marketing category and invest in incredible courses about Digital Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Growth Hacking, Affiliate Marketing, Event Planning or Copywriting. Take advantage of the official UDEMY Coupons to get massive discounts on your order.

2.9 Lifestyle

Do you want to learn more about esoteric practices or about the gaming world? Or perhaps you want to learn special tips and tricks about traveling or about gardening? You can learn a lot more thanks to the Lifestyle category and you can get all the courses you want at an affordable price with the official UDEMY Voucher Codes.

2.10 Photography & Video

Do you want to learn the hidden gems about photography and video? Go to the dedicated category where you will find interesting and useful courses about digital photography, video design, commercial photography and about special tools used in the industry. Use now one of the official UDEMY Discount Codes to get special discounts on your order.

2.11 Health & Fitness

Do you want to opt for a healthier life? Do you want to get access to special exercises? Or perhaps you want to learn more about martials arts and self-defense? Go to the Health & Fitness category and buy courses about fitness, general health, sports, nutrition and diet, yoga, mental health, dance and meditation. Check the special UDEMY Offers to get all the courses you need at a lower price.

2.12 Music

If you are interested in music, then you should check the Music category where you will find online lessons about instruments, music production and fundamentals, vocals, music techniques and music software. Have a look at the official UDEMY Deals to get huge discounts on your purchase.

2.13 Teaching & Academics

Do you want to become a teacher? Do you want to invest more in your studies? Check now the Teaching & Academics category to get access to engineering and humanities lessons and to courses about math, science and test prep. You will also find interesting online courses about online education, teacher training, language learning and about social sciences and you can get special prices with the official UDEMY Discount Codes.

4. Benefits of Using UDEMY

With EUROPCAR, you will not only get access to the best instructors and tutors but you will also get access to 210.000 courses available in more than 70 languages and to different payment methods including PayPal and American Express. Furthermore, you will also get access to an incredible 30-day Money Back Guarantee and to an unrivaled collection of courses suitable for institutions, organizations and governments. Plus, you can also make your own money by simply becoming a teacher if you have the required skills.

5. UDEMY Shopping Tips

Before placing your order on UDEMY, we recommend that you create your own account to get full-access to all the information uploaded on the platform. Then, you should subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know when new courses are launched and to get access to special deals. Next, you should download the official mobile app for a smoother learning adventure. Last but not least, make sure you filter your searches according to your preferences so that you choose the right instructor and the right online lessons.

6. Ways to Save More at UDEMY

If you want to save more at UDEMY, you should follow our guidelines. Are you a student? Register now with UNiDAYS and you can get at least 10% off student discounts on the best online courses. Subscribe to the newsletter to get massive discounts on your next purchase. Download the mobile app to get exclusive in-app discounts. Check the bestsellers and you can save up to 85% off. Buy your online course during the special sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day Sales or Christmas to get up to 90% off on selected courses.

7. About UDEMY Coupons & Deals

You’ve got at least one more reason to choose UDEMY. With the official UDEMY Coupons, you will aways get access to incredible discounts that could significantly reduce the costs of your purchase or that could bring you free online courses.

8. The Maximum Discount Offered by UDEMY Coupon

The maximum discount offered by UDEMY Coupon could reach to 85% off sitewide.

9. UDEMY Coupon for New Customers

New customers can get at least 10% off on their order with the right UDEMY Coupon.

10. UDEMY Coupon for Existing Customers

Existing customers have even more reasons to be happy because they can choose between different coupons. Sometimes, they can get more than 90% off on selected courses while other times they can get more than 50% off on the best courses. There are also times when they can get up to 60% off on UDEMY Business or when they can get access to free courses.

11. UDEMY 11.11 Offers & Promo Codes

Come back to UDEMY on the 11th of November to celebrate the Singles’ Day Sales Event with the best prices for your favorite online lessons. With the right UDEMY 11.11 Promo Code, you can get more than 40% off.

12. UDEMY Black Friday Offers & Promo Codes

Black Friday is the most important sales event and the one that comes in handy with the biggest discounts. You can get up to 90% off on everything with a suitable UDEMY Black Friday Promo Code.

13. UDEMY Cyber Monday Offers & Promo Codes

Cyber Monday is another special sales event that arrives at UDEMY with discounts that could reach to 85% off on selected courses with the right Promo Code.

14. UDEMY Christmas Offers & Promo Codes

Christmas is already knocking on your door and you still have to buy the perfect gifts for your dear ones? Impress them with a nice course from UDEMY and redeem one of the official Christmas Promo Codes to get up to 95% off on selected lessons.


Do I Have to Pay Taxes for Items Ordered from UDEMY.com?

Luckily, you do not have to pay any additional taxes for items ordered from UDEMY.com.

Is It Possible to Pay on UDEMY.com with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal on UDEMY.com.

How Can I Cancel an UDEMY.com order?

If you changed your mind, you can cancel your UDEMY.com subscription anytime you want. All you have to do is to log into your own account, go to all your plans and then you need to cancel the one you do not want to use anymore.

Can I Use UDEMY.com Promo Codes Taken from Other Sites?

Yes, you can always use UDEMY.com promo codes taken from other sites. We recommend that you look on one of the following trusted sources: Global-Discount-Codes.com, Promonix, OxiDeals or Promocode.ac.

What Is the Best UDEMY.com Coupon?

The best UDEMY.com Coupon is the one that brings you 85% off sitewide.

Does UDEMY.com Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, you will get free electronic shipping.

Does UDEMY.com Offer a Discount for The First Order?

You can get 10% off on your first order but only with the right coupon or promo code.

What Happens with An UDEMY Return?

Thanks to the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy from UDEMY.com, you can get a full refund withing 30 days from your purchase date.

Do UDEMY.com Coupons Work for All Products and Categories?

Yes, you will always find valid UDEMY.com Coupons that work for all products and all categories.

15. How to Get UDEMY Promo Codes

On our page, you will always find regularly updated UDEMY Promo Codes. You need to pay attention to the details to each code to find out what the terms and conditions are. A code is usually valid for a minimum order value but there are times when the code is valid for selected courses or for certain lessons. Follow our easy-to-use steps to get your code within minutes.

Go to UDEMY and log into your own account if you already have one or register now to get easy access to your order and to make any additional changes to it.

Add all the courses you want to attend in your shopping cart and open it.

On your order summary page, you can either manually enter the code in the promotional field using the keyboard or you can correctly transfer it using the copy-paste function.

Click on the button Apply to activate the discount.

If you are happy with the final price of your order, follow all the remaining steps to finalize the purchase.

16. How to Use an UDEMY Coupon

Apart from the promo codes, on our database, you will also find valid UDEMY Coupons. Once again, you need to read carefully the details to each listed coupon to find out what the requirements are. Usually, a coupon is valid either for new or for existing customers but there are times when the coupon is valid for the app users, for students or for the newsletter subscribers. Follow our guidelines to find out how you can use UDEMY Coupon.

Search for all UDEMY Coupons and read the details.

Once you find the one suitable for your order, click on the button View Deal/Get Deal.

A new window will pop up where you need to click on Go to UDEMY to be redirected to the official website.

Log into your own account and add your favorite courses on the shopping cart.

Place your order as you normally do because your discount will automatically be applied during the checkout page and you do not have to enter any code.

Coupons Last Updated: Today
13 June 2024

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3. Important UDEMY Info

Did you know that UDEMY is an award-winning platform that gives access to skilled instructors and to high-quality on-demand online courses in different languages and that cover a wide range of topics? Throughout the years, the company has won important awards including the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Dennis Yang in the Tech-Enabled Services, Most Influential Women for Alexandra Sepulveda and Claire Hough or Best Places to Work, all received in 2016. There are a few more things you need to take into consideration about UDEMY. And below, you will find everything you need to know about the payment methods, shipping methods. Customer Support Team, social media accounts and so on so forth.

3.1 UDEMY Address

600 Harrison St, San Francisco
CA 94107
United States

3.2 UDEMY Contact Methods

If you could not find a satisfying answer in the FAQs page from the official website, then you should contact the Customer Support Team by sending an email via the Online Contact Form or by chatting live with an agent via the Live Chat Option.

3.3 UDEMY Payment Methods

UDEMY gives access to the following payment methods: international credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Play, UPI, Wallets and PayTM for India, Buy now and pay later, Udemy Credits and local payment methods for Brazil including Boleto Bancario and Pix.

3.4 UDEMY Shipping & Costs

UDEMY gives access to online courses which means that everything is delivered electronically.

3.5 UDEMY on Social-Media

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and deals. Join now the passionate UDEMY community on social media and follow its activity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube and you will get access to an incredible learning content. You will find interesting podcasts, inspiring instructor and student stories as well as useful previews about technology and office productivity stories. Do not hesitate to read the official blog because you will get access to a wide array of articles like 5 Ways to Become and Authentic Leader, Avoid These 4 Common Challenges when Managing Remote Teams, Empower Your Team with Generative AI Skills: A Model Learning Program or 3 Ways Technical Certifications Drive Business Outcomes.

3.6 UDEMY Mobile App

Stay connected and download now the official UDEMY mobile app, available for your iOS and Android devices to learn on-the-go anytime you want, anywhere you go. You will get access to real-world experts and you can easily build a learning habit and maximize your abilities. Plus, you will get access to the incredible UDEMY community and you can interact with people that have the same hobbies and interests as you.

3.7 UDEMY Rewards Program

Do you want to get access to special rewards? Join now the official Affiliate Program and promote the products of UDEMY. You will get high-commission rates by simply sharing relevant content and promotional deals with your audience. You will also get access to free marketing tools including course-specific links, sitewide and custom links. On top of all of the above, you will get exclusive access to creative assets and tracking links that you can easily add on your website, social media account and blog to drive more and more traffic.