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TransferGO.com Review | Pro and Cons
TransferGO.com Product Categories
Important TransferGO.com Info  
Benefits of Using TransferGO.com
TransferGO.com Shopping Tips
Ways to Save More at TransferGO.com
About TransferGO.com Coupons & Deals
The Maximum Discount Offered by TransferGO.com Coupon
TransferGO.com Coupon for New Customers
TransferGO.com Coupon for Existing Customers
TransferGO.com 11.11 Offers & Promo Codes
TransferGO.com Black Friday Offers & Promo Codes
TransferGO.com Cyber Monday Offers & Promo Codes
TransferGO.com Christmas Offers & Promo Codes
How to Get TransferGO.com Promo Codes
How to Use a TransferGO.com Coupon

1. TransferGO.com | Pro and Cons

Headquartered in London, England, TransferGO.com was founded in 2012 by four young professionals, Justinas Lasevičius, Daumantas Dvilinskas, Edvinas Sersniovas and Arnas Lukošius who met at Lancaster University. The idea of launching the company started when they realized that they struggled too much for paying their bills or for sending money abroad. They experienced slow transfers, big fees, no customer support and long kiosk queues. Even though TransferGo.com has difficult beginnings, it has managed to become one of the world’s fastest growing Fintech companies, an incredible leader in the industry that gives access to top services for both individuals and businesses. With more than 6 million customers in over 160 countries across the globe and with offices in London, Vilnius, Kaunas, Berlin, Warsaw and Krakow, TransferGO.com is without any doubt the best choice when it comes to receiving or sending money internationally. Thanks to its dedicated diverse and multilingual group of more than 350 employees, you will get access to top services. You are not convinced yet that TransferGO.com is the perfect choice for your needs? What if we tell you that TransferGo.com is an award-winning company? Throughout the years, this innovative company has received important awards and nominations in the industry. For example, it was nominated at the TechCrunch Europa Awards in 2018 for the Fastest Rising Start-Up and it was also name one of the United Kingdom’s 5 hottest scale-ups by TNW. Other notable awards are The Start-Up of the Year at the Wrap Up of 2021 & Startup Awards organized by Startup Lithuania and Go Vilnius, The Cross Border Solution of the Year in Ukraine alongside with The Silver Reward for Excellence at the online Romanian PR Awards. On top of all of the above, TransferGo.com comes in handy with many other pros. It welcomes you with an intuitive and simple interface where you can easily send or receive money. Furthermore, you will get access to easy transfers to more than 160 and 41 currencies. Plus, you will get no hidden fees, competitive exchange rates and quick money transfer in less than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, just like many other similar Fintech companies, TransferGo.com has its own cons. Apparently, there are many customers who complained about the poor Customer Support Team.

2. TransferGO.com Categories

Due to the fact that TransferGO.com does not sell products but services, you will not find a classic product category. Instead, you will find two main service categories suitable for individuals as well as for professionals.

2.1 Money transfers

Do you want to send money abroad within minutes? Go to the Money transfer category and create your own account. Once you’ve done it and you verified your ID, you need to choose how much money you want to send and then you need to add the details of the receiver to finalize your transfer. Be smart and choose TransferGO.com because you will get low fees, end-to-end encryption and a safe and secure process thanks to the regulations by the EU and the UK laws. You can even save money since the beginning when you redeem one of the official TransferGo.com Promo Codes or Coupons.

2.2 Business

Do you own a business? Do you want to save time and money? If you have a small or a medium-sized business, you can get TransferGo.com for Business to send money to millions of accounts worldwide and to get low fees. You will be able to make batch payments to your employees and suppliers to more than 65 countries. With the Business account, you can track your transfer and you will get access to a secure and trustworthy service. Join TransferGo.com right now and you can get your first 2 transfers free of charge. Or use one of the official TransferGo.com Voucher Codes or Discount Codes to significantly reduce the costs of your fees.

4. Benefits of Using TransferGO.com

Use TransferGO.com and you will unlock amazing benefits. You will not only get access to an intuitive and easy-to-use interface but you will also get access to the most convenient and cost-effective method to send money to your dear ones in more than 160 countries across the globe. You can send money day or night to your dear ones directly from the comfort of your home and you will get access to safe and secure top services. Moreover, with TransferGO.com, your business is well covered thanks to the company’s services dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses. What is even more important is that will get no hidden fees alongside with the best exchange rates.

5. TransferGO.com Shopping Tips

Before starting your journey with TransferGO.com, you need to create your own account to get access to premium services and to personalized experience. Then, you should subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know everything about the industry and to receive notification about the special deals and offers. Next, download the official mobile app from the AppStore or from Google Play to transfer money on-the-go and to get access to a smoother transfer adventure. Last but not least pay attention to the exchange rates and to the transfer fees because they are different and they depend on the location and on the currency used.

6. Ways to Save More at TransferGO.com

Do you want to save even more on TransferGO.com? Follow our tips and tricks. Are you a student? Register now with Student Beans to get massive discounts for international transfers. Subscribe to the newsletter to get up to 10% off on your next transfer. Download the official mobile app to get exclusive in-app deals that are not to be found somewhere else. Join the Referral Program and you can get up to £70 as a bonus. Choose to open a business account or to upgrade to a premium version of TransferGO.com during the special sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day Sales or Christmas to get up to 90% off discounts.

7. About TransferGO.com Coupons & Deals

You can also save big with the official TransferGO.com Coupons and Deals. Plus, you can also get free additional services like free transfers for certain currencies or countries.

8. The Maximum Discount Offered by TransferGO.com Coupon

The maximum discount offered by TransferGO.com Coupon could reach to more than 30% off.

9. TransferGO.com Coupon for New Customers

New customers can get up to 20% off on their first TransferGO.com purchase with the right Coupon.

10. TransferGO.com Coupon for Existing Customers

Existing customers have even more reasons to choose TransferGO.com because they will get access to different coupons that could bring them massive discounts. Sometimes, they can get additional discounts of up to 60% off while other times they can get gift vouchers of up to £20. There are also times, when existing customers can save more than 30% off on everything.

11. TransferGO.com 11.11 Offers & Promo Codes

Even though it is a bit difficult to find information about the Singles’ Day Sales event organized by TransferGO.com, you can still save big on your purchase. Usually, on TransferGo.com, you will always find special offers. Come back to this online Fintech company on the 11th of November to get access to exclusive discounts with a suitable TransferGO.com Promo code.

12. TransferGO.com Black Friday Offers & Promo Codes

Black Friday is the most important and the most famous sales event that arrives at TransferGO.com with discounts of up to 90% off. All you have to do is to redeem the right Promo Code.

13. TransferGO.com Cyber Monday Offers & Promo Codes

Another important event is without any doubt Cyber Monday. Once more, you can get up to 90% off on international transfers with the right TransferGO.com Promo Code.

14. TransferGO.com Christmas Offers & Promo Codes

Make your dear ones happy and surprise them with member accounts on TransferGO.com. December comes in handy with discounts that could reach to more than 50% off with the official TransferGO.com Christmas Promo Codes.


Is It Possible to Pay on TransferGO.com with PayPal?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay with PayPal on TransferGO.com.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes for Items Ordered from TransferGO.com?

Luckily, you do not have to pay any additional taxes when you use TransferGO.com.

How Can I Cancel a TransferGO.com order?

If you want to cancel your transfer, you need to go to your history and then you need to choose the order you want to cancel. Click on the button Cancel order and then on Yes, cancel to finalize your cancelation request.

What Is the Best TransferGO.com Coupon?

The best TransferGO.com Coupon is the one that brings you more than 30% off sitewide.

Can I Use TransferGO.com Promo Codes Taken from Other Sites?

Yes, you can always use TransferGO.com promo codes taken from other sites. We recommend that you have a closer look on one of the following trusted sources: Promocode.ac, OxiDeals or Promonix.com.

Does TransferGO.com Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, you can get free shipping on TransferGO.com.

Does TransferGO.com Offer a Discount for The First Order?

You can get at least 10% off on your first TransferGO.com order but only with the right code or coupon. You can also get up to £20 with the Referral Program.

What Happens with A Return?

You’ve already found out that you can cancel for free your transfer. But if the payment has already been completed by TransferGO.com or if the payment was not successful, then you have to request a full refund. To do it, you need to contact the Customer Support Team.

Do TransferGO.com Coupons Work for All Products and Categories?

Yes, you will always find valid TransferGO.com Coupons that work for all products and all categories.

15. How to Get TransferGO.com Promo Codes

On our database, you will always find regularly updated TransferGO.com Promo Codes. You need to pay attention to the details to each code to see what the terms and conditions are. A code is usually valid for a minimum order value but there are times when the code is valid for specific services or for selected currencies or countries. Follow our guidelines to find out how to get your code.

Go to TransferGO.com and log into your own account if you already have one or register in this step to get easy access to your order and to make any additional changes to it.

Select the country and the currency and add the amount of money you want to transfer and the receiver.

On your transfer summary page, you can either manually enter the code using the keyboard or you can correctly transfer it since the beginning using the copy-paste function.

Apply the code to activate the discount.

If everything goes as planned, you can follow all the remaining steps required to finalize your purchase.

16. How to Use a TransferGO.com Coupon

Apart from the promo codes, on our page, you will also find valid TransferGO.com Coupons. You need to read the details to each listed coupons to see what the rules of the games are. Usually, a coupon is valid either for new or for existing customers but there are times when the coupon is valid for students, for the app users and for the newsletter subscribers. Follow our easy-to-use steps to get your coupon within minutes.

Search for all TransferGO.com Coupons and read the details.

When you find the one suitable for your order, click on the button View Deal/Get Deal.

A new window instantly appear where you need to click on the button Go to TransferGO.com to be redirected to the official website.

Log into your own account and add all the required information in the fields.

Proceed to the transfer summary page and follow all the remaining steps to finalize your purchase or your transfer. Your discount will automatically be applied during the checkout page and you do not have to enter any code.

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13 June 2024

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3. Important TransferGO.com Info

Did you know that with TransferGo.com you can also pay your mortgage home and that you can cover the costs of any emergency repairs? Did you know that TransferGo Ltd is a registered payment service provider that it is supervised by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) and that it is regulated by the UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Did you know that the subsidiary from Lithuania, TransferGo Lithuania UAB is the electronic money company authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania? These facts mean that you will get secure financial services and that all your money is well protected. There are a few more aspects you need to know about TransferGO.com. Below, you will find all the necessary information about the payment methods, Customer Support Team, shipping methods, social media accounts and so on so forth.

3.1 TransferGO.com Address

1a, Old Street Yard, 
White Collar Factory, 
London, United Kingdom.

3.2 TransferGO.com Contact Methods

If you could not find satisfying answers in the Help Center page from the official website, you can contact the Customer Support Team by sending your request via the Online Contact Form or by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also contact the English Support Team by phone on +44 13 9269 40 30, +44 13 2980 1033, +49 30 2000 42053 or +49 30 5683 8045. On top of all the above, you can also reach to the team in the company’s supported languages. We recommend that you go to the official website to contact the Customer Support Team for Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Germany.

3.3 TransferGO.com Payment Methods

TransferGO.com gives access to the following payment methods: credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard), Google Pay, Klarna, Apple Pay and Bank Transfer.

3.4 TransferGO.com Shipping & Costs

We’ve already told that TransferGo.com offers services and not products. Thus, the delivery policy is different. Basically, you will get free electronic delivery. But if you are to talk about the transfers, then you should know that you have to pay some fees depending on the destination and on the value of your transfer.

3.5 TransferGO.com on Social-Media

Stay on-the-loop with the latest deals and news from the Fintech industry. Join now the amazing TransferGo.com community on social media and follow its activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to get access to tips and tricks about the financial industry and to learn how you can easily transfer money abroad. You will also get access to interviews and to Never forget home video series. Do not forget about the official blog either because you will get access to useful and important articles such as What is a Current Account? The 2024 guide for UK immigrants, HMRC Exchange Rates 2023 explained, How to get a fast-track passport in the United Kingdom, How to set yourself up for a successful international career or 5 essential tips for learning a new language.

3.6 TransferGO.com Mobile App

Stay connected and download now the official TransferGO.com mobile app, available for your iOS and Android devices to transfer money on-the-go anytime you want, anywhere you go. You will get access to a friendly Customer Support Team in your spoken language and to low fees. Plus, you will also get exclusive in-app deals that could bring you 90% off discounts on your transfer. Moreover, you will send money within minutes and you will get access to the Referral Program that could bring you incredible perks.

3.7 TransferGO.com Rewards Program

Do you want to earn extra money by simply using TransferGO.com? Join now the official Affiliate Program and spread the word about TransferGO.com to get high commission rates that start at £10 for every new user who makes a transfer using this provider. You will also get personalized tracking links, free promotional tools including localized banners, videos and articles especially prepared by TransferGO.com. Plus, you will also get real-time tracking data and reporting and access to a dedicated affiliate team who will help you with the campaigns and with everything you need to attract new customers. Do you want to get even more? Join now the Referral Program and you will get up to £20 for the first friend that joins TransferGO.com via your referral link and up to £50 for the second one. And this is available for every pair you invite to join TransferGO.com.