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AVIANCA Promo Code

Avianca Promo Code ✂ Up to 30% discount

Offer TypeDiscount DetailsExpires
CouponTake USD20 promotional code at AVIANCA.com26 December
CouponTake 5% coupon code at AVIANCA.com17 December
CouponAVIANCA.com promo code : up to 15% discount selected items07 December
PromotionCheap tickets on avianca.com15 February

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AVIANCA | Pro and Cons

Founded on the 5th of December 1919 by Colombian businessmen and German immigrants, AVIANCA is the flag carrier of Colombia and the world’s second oldest airline after KLM that has a fleet of more than 189 aircrafts, ready to take you to over 65 destinations including Miami, New York, Saint Joseph, Santa Marta, Curacao, Montevideo, Orlando, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Barcelona and a lot more. AVIANCA is headquartered in Colombia and it has its registered office in Barranquilla and its worldwide headquarters in Bogota. The main hub is placed at El Dorado International Airport. AVIANCA welcomes you with 130 routes that sums more than 3800 weekly flights and around 600.000 seats every week. As you can see, AVIANCA is one of the Latin America’s largest airlines and the most complete route network of Colombia. As a member of the Star Alliance Group, AVIANCA Airlines promises to come in handy not only with affordable prices for your flight but also with top services. Over the past years, AVIANCA worked hard to bring you planes with more seats, comfort and safety by bringing you more than 20 young-aged planes with premium seats, economy seats and plus seats. These tailor-made flights are the best thing to happen because you can now fly at low fares by paying only for what you need. And AVIANCA has even more advantages so that you can get the most out of the airline. You will get access to several fare classes, an incredible LifeMiles Program, in-flight entertainment where you can play board games or you can watch movies and so on so forth. On top of all the above, AVIANCA has an easy-to-use interface where you can quickly book your flight within minutes. But juts like many other big airlines, AVIANA has its disadvantages too. And one of the biggest ones is without doubt the Customer Service. Many flyers complained about long hold times or about the fact that they did not receive the help they wanted and needed.

AVIANCA Product Categories

It is now time to meet AVIANCA as one of the world’s most famous airlines. As you can probably imagine AVIANCA does not have a classic product category because it sells services and not products. But right as you arrive on the homepage, you will find a categorization of its services that will help you quickly and easily find what you need for your next trip.

  • Book your flight

Are you looking forward to booking your next flight? Choose whether you want a one way or a round trip and select the departure airport and your destination. Then choose your departure and return dates and add the number of passengers. It is a super easy process to book your flight with AVIANCA and you can even get a massive discount on your ticket prices when you use one of the official AVIANCA Promo Codes.

  • Offers and destinations

This category welcomes you with important information about flight offers, top destinations, group bookings, types of fare, hotel bookings, car rentals as well as tours and excursions. When you want to book your hotel or your car rental, you will automatically be redirected to the official partners of AVIANCA making things easier for you. You will also get access to fun things-to-do and you can get inspiration on what to visit when you travel abroad. Do not hesitate and book your next trip with AVIANCA to significantly reduce the costs of your order when you redeem on of the AVIANCA Discount Codes.

  • Your booking

Here, you will find all the information you need to know about your entire booking including your flight status. You can also do your online check-in, upgrade to Business Class and you can get additional baggage, priority boarding, your preferred seat and so on so forth. You can get everything you need at a lower price when you use one of the official AVIANCA Coupons.

  • Information and Help

Be ready before flying. Make your lessons on time and go to this category to find out more information about your baggage, AVIANCA experience on board, travel requirements, pets on board or about flying with kids and a lot more. Plus, do not forget to use one of the available AVIANCA Voucher Codes to get additional services at a reduced price.

Benefits of Using AVIANCA

AVIANCA is the place where you will unlock incredible benefits. You will not only be flying with one of the world’s largest airlines but you will be flying with a top airline that comes in handy with top and high-end services to reward its passengers for their loyalty. And with the reconfigured airplane fleet that gives you more seats at affordable price, you will feel like you have won the golden lottery ticket. Furthermore, you will be flying with an important member of the Star Alliance Group and you will get access to exclusive hotels booking partners as well as car rentals partners making things easier for you when you organize your next trip.

AVIANCA Shopping Tips

Before placing your booking order, we recommend that you create your own account to get easy access to all the information you need. Then, you should subscribe to the newsletter to get access to exclusive perks and privileges. Next, we recommend that you join the LifeMiles Program to earn miles every single time you fly with AVIANCA. Last but not least, download the official app to stay connected 24/7 with AVIANCA and to find out on time about any changes or delays and cancelations.

Ways to Save More at AVIANCA

If you are a travel addict, you probably do not care about the money you spend on your sweet escapes. But it is always worth find ways to save more at AVIANCA, and we have gathered a few tips and tricks that will reduce the costs of your tickets. First thing to do is to subscribe to the newsletter to get access to exclusive discounts and deals. Secondly, we suggest that you join the Rewards Program to get up to 40% off to additional services and to get access to free cabin upgrades. Thirdly, always check the Offers section to get massive discounts on selected flights. Finally, always buy your ticket during the special sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Singles’ Day to get incredible discounts as well as free additional upgrades.

About AVIANCA Coupons & Deals

The official Coupons for AVIANCA represent another way to save big on your booking order and to get access to other perks. You will find many valid coupons that will make things easier for your next trips. So, travel more and spend less.

The Maximum Discount Offered by AVIANCA Coupon

The maximum discount offered by AVIANCA Coupon could reach to 50% off.

AVIANCA Coupon for New Customers

New customers can get at least 15% of on their AVIANCA booking order with the right Coupon.

AVIANCA Coupon for Existing Customers

Existing customers will always find many reasons to fly more with AVIANCA. They can choose between more AVIANCA Coupons that will bring them incredible surprises. As an existing customer you can either get more than 50% off on selected flights and destinations or you can get at least 20% off on already inexpensive flights. Moreover, sometimes you will find coupons that will give you up to 50% off sitewide.

AVIANCA 11.11 Offers & Promo Codes

On the 11th of November, the entire world is celebrating the Singles’ Day Sales Event, known globally as Double 11. And AVIANCA welcomes you with discounts of up to 20% off with the right 11.11 Offers and Promo Codes.

AVIANCA Black Friday Offers & Promo Codes

Black Friday is the sales event that you would not want to miss. With AVIANCA Black Friday Offers and Promo Codes, you can get more than 35% off on your flight and exclusive discounts on additional services.

AVIANCA Cyber Monday Offers & Promo Codes

Another important event is Cyber Monday. As famous as Black Friday, this event gives you up to 40% off on your flight. And sometimes, you can get even more.

AVIANCA Christmas Offers & Promo Codes

Christmas is right around the corner and you did not have time to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for your dear ones. Why not booking a next trip for them? Get your group tickets and you can save more than 30% off with the right AVIANCA Christmas Offers and Promo Codes.


Is It Possible to Pay on AVIANCA with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal on AVIANCA.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes for Items Ordered from AVIANCA?

No, you do not have to pay any taxes for your booking order on AVIANCA.

How Can I Cancel an AVIANCA order?

If you want to cancel your AVIANCA booking order, you need to log into your own account, find your booking and then you need to click on the button Cancel. Note that you can only cancel your ticket at least 24 hours before your flight and only if you purchase it from AVIANCA.com, sales offices, Contact Center and travel agency.

What Is the Best AVIANCA Coupon?

The best AVIANCA Coupon is the one that gives you the highest discount regardless your order value, destination or flight. And it can usually reach to 50% off.

Does AVIANCA Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, AVIANCA always offers free electronic shipping with your ticket and additional booking information.

Can I Use AVIANCA Promo Codes Taken from Other Sites?

Yes, you can use AVIANCA Promo Codes taken from other sites. We suggest that you have a closer look on one of the following trusted sources: PROMONIX, Global-Discount-Codes.com, PromoCode.ac or Coupon-Korea.com.

Does AVIANCA Offer a Discount for The First Order?

Unfortunately, AVIANCA does not offer a discount for your first ever purchase. But you can still save more than 10% off on your first order when you use the right promo code or coupon.

What Happens with A Return?

If your flight was canceled or delayed due to bad weather conditions, a strike, broken aircraft or short staff, you can request a refund via your personal account. You can also get a refund when you cancel your flight on your own because you cannot travel anymore and you can request a refund for additional services like seats or extra baggage. But there are some terms and conditions that you need to take into consideration and you will find everything you need to know about the refund policy on the official website. Note that you may need to pay a cancelation fee when you cancel the flight.

Do AVIANCA Coupons Work for All Products and Categories?

Yes, you will always find on our page AVIANCA Coupons suitable for all products and all categories.

How to Get AVIANCA Promo Codes

On our database, you will find many AVIANCA Promo Codes that can give you massive discounts if you invest wisely in your booking. And all you need to do is to carefully read the details to each promo code listed on our website to find out if your order meets the terms and conditions. A code is usually valid for a minimum order value or for selected flights. There are times when the code is valid for certain destinations or for additional services. Follow our easy-to-use steps to find out how you can get your promo code.

  1. Go to AVIANCA and log into your own account if you have previously registered or create your account in this step to get access to all your booking information and to make changes to it.
  2. Search for your flight by entering your departure and arrival airport as well as the dates of travel and the number of passengers.
  3. When you find the flight that is suitable for your budget and your preferences, select it and click on the button Continue.
  4. On the purchase summary page, you need to enter all your personal information. And here, you can also manually enter your promo code in the required field or you can use the copy-paste function to correctly transfer it. 
  5. Apply the code to activate your discount and continue with the last steps to finalize your booking order.

How to Use an AVIANCA Coupon

Apart from the promo codes, you will also find on our page official AVIANCA Coupons. You should follow our guidelines to find out how you can use these coupons. First of all, you need to read the details for each coupon to see what the requirements are. A coupon is valid either for new or for existing customers but sometimes the coupon is valid for the entire website.

  1. Search for all AVIANCA Coupons from our page and read the details to see if your order is suitable for any of them. 
  2. When you find the right one, click on the button View Deal/Get Deal.
  3. A new window will instantly pop-up where you need to click on the button Go to AVIANCA to be redirected to the official website. 
  4. Log into your personal account and search for your flight by entering all the required information. 
  5. Continue with all the steps to finalize your booking process because your discount will automatically be applied during the checkout page and you do not have to enter any code.


Coupons Last Updated: Today
13 June 2024

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Important AVIANCA Info

AVIANCA is one of those airlines who are deeply concerned about the planet and our environment. And is fully committed to fight to protect our planet. Throughout the years, AVIANCA has been cutting fossil fuel consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise as well as hazardous waste generation. It has also implemented instruments to prevent pollution and it has continuously improved its environmental acts. As you can see, AVIANCA is a reliable and trustworthy company who cares about the health of our planet and surroundings. If this is the first time you want to book your next trip on AVIANVA, you need to know a few thongs about the order. Below, you will find a brief description about the payment methods, Customer Support Team, shipping methods, the presence on social media and so on so forth.


Avianca Administrative Center, 
Ac. 26 #59-15, 
Bogotá, Colombia

AVIANCA Contact Methods

If you couldn’t find a satisfying answer in the Help Center page from the official website, then you should contact the Customer Support Team via the virtual chat advisor from WhatsApp or by making a call on the corresponding number available for your location. On the website, you can select your country to get to the right phone number. You can also send an email by submitting your ticket via the Online Contact Form.

AVIANCA Payment Methods

On AVIANCA, you can pay using one of the following payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, Discover, UATP and PayPal.

AVIANCA Shipping & Costs

You will get electronic delivery at no costs directly on your Inbox email. You can also find all your booking information including your QR code for the ticket when you log into your AVIANCA account.

AVIANCA on Social-Media

Stay connected and do not miss any flight deals. Join now the passionate community of AVIANCA on social media and follow its activity on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube to get access to the latest deals and to be the first to know when new destinations are to be launched. Plus, you will find useful videos about all the smart and entertaining things you can do and visit while you are on your holiday. Do not hesitate to read the Corporate News Center page where you will always find updated information about AVIANCA. You will get access to important articles like Customize your trip and travel your way, The best of Avianca and the Low Cost world. A perfect combination, Connect Canada and Colombia or Latin America will fly higher with Abra Group.

AVIANCA Mobile App

Download now the official AVIANCA mobile app, available for your iOS and Android devices to book on-the-go anytime you want, anywhere you go and to make changes to your booking order directly from your smartphone. You will also get access to real-time notifications about your flight status and to a lot more. Basically, AVIANCA mobile app will be your perfect travel companion and you will have all the magic world of AVIANCA at your fingertips.

AVIANCA Rewards Program

Turn your perfect holiday into an incredible experience. Join now the AVIANCA Rewards Program – the LifeMiles Program and you will earn these miles on every trip you take with AVIANCA. Maintain your LifeMiles Elite Status to redeem them for tickets or for upgrades on all eligible flights. With the Elite Points, you will get access to AVIANCA’s VIP lounges, cabin upgrades free of charge and preferred seat selection. Furthermore, get your Avianca LifeMiles VISA Card and you will earn even more. You will get a welcome LifeMiles bonus, annual LifeMiles Credits bonus, up to 15% of when you pay with your LifeMiles credit card and up to 40% more miles in your stay with LifeMiles Hotels platform. On top of this, you can also get up to 40% more miles when you rent your car with the LifeMiles Cars platform as well as up to 10% off discount on miles when you redeem your hotel stays, your car reservations with the official LifeMiles Hotel platform and when you get your rental car service with LifeMiles Cars platform. Do you want to get even more? Join  now the official AVIANCA affiliate program through one of the affiliate networks and for every sale made via your affiliate link, you will get a 3% commission of the ticket price. And you will also get free promotional tools including banners, text links, deep-links as well as 30-days cookie period and a lot more.