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AliExpress Discount Code

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CouponAliexpress promo code for June 2024: get 4 USD discount on orders over 29 USD01 July
CouponAliexpress promo code for June 2024: get 8 USD discount on orders over 59 USD02 July
CouponAliexpress promo code for June 2024: get 12 USD discount on orders over 89 USD01 July
CouponAliexpress promo code for June 2024: get 20 USD discount on orders over 139 USD02 July

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Aliexpress.com Review | Pro and Cons

Aliexpress.com probably does not need any more descriptions. It is a top cross-border B2C platform that it has been on everyone’s lips since 2010 when it was founded by Jack Ma Yun, a Chinese investor, philanthropist and a business mogul. Aliexpress.com is owned by Alibaba Group, the world’s biggest online commerce company, and it has known a huge success since the beginning especially thanks to its affordable prices. With more than 200 million monthly visits and more than 600 million app downloads, Aliexpress.com is available in 230 countries and regions and it welcomes with a friendly and easy-to-use platform that is reachable to millions and millions of buyers and sellers from all over the world thanks to the fact that is accessible in 18 languages. Furthermore, the platform comes in handy with a wide array of amazing deals and promotional offers not only on specific sales seasons, but actually every hour. Yes, indeed, Aliexpress.com is a king when it comes to special discounts. But, like any other worldwide famous companies, Aliexpress.com has its own drawbacks too. And we can say that one of the biggest disadvantages of Aliexpress.com is the slow shipping times that can take up to 45 business days and you will get no tracking number either when you choose standard shipping. We are all happy to buy cheap items, but this comes with a huge disadvantage which is the low quality of the products. A vast number of products on Aliexpress.com have bad quality especially when it comes to clothing and accessory. Furthermore, many customers complained about the companies’ lack of support which is a huge drawback especially when you’ve got items to return or when you don’t receive your order or you receive only a part of your order. If you can go beyond these few disadvantages, then you will probably hit the jackpot because, all in all, Aliexpress.com didn’t succeed in the industry for so long for nothing. 

Aliexpress.com Product Categories

Aliexpress.com is your shopping haven destination that will bring you everything you need not only for your outfits, but also for your home. With more than 100 million products divided into 13 major categories, Aliexpress.com will definitely become your favorite store. From dresses to blouses and shirts, pajamas to jackets and cargo pants, from all kind of shoes and accessories to smartphones, laptops and 3D printers, from electronics to appliances to beauty and pet products, from toys to car electronics and motorcycle accessories and to a lot more, Aliexpress.com has got you covered with everything you need on your daily life. And what is even more important is that you can save big even on well-known brand items thanks to the coupon codes. You can use a wide range of coupon codes to get massive discounts to reduce the costs of your purchases and to get lower shipping costs. 

  • Women's Fashion

Are you a fashion addict? Would you like to create unique and exquisite items at a bargain price? Go to the Women’s Fashion Category and you can create outfits to fit any occasion be it a wedding, a casual dinner, a walk in the park or a business meeting. You can find dresses, blouses and shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, suits and blazers, coats and jackets, sweaters and a lot more from brands like Max Lulu, Trendyol, A21, Love & Lemonade, Simplee or Aproms. Give a final touch to your outfit the perfect hair accessories, sunglasses and belts. And do not hesitate to use one of the Aliexpress.com Promo Codes that could bring you at least 10% off on your entire purchase and even more when the platform celebrates its anniversary or when it is the season sale and so on so forth. 

  • Men's Fashion

Nowadays, more and more men are competing with women to create outfits that could be on the cover of the most famous fashion magazines. Use your imagination and pay less for your clothing items. With the Men’s Fashion Category, you win the lottery ticket. You will find all kind of hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, casual and cargo pants, harem pants, parkas and even underwear that will help you make an outstanding performance at any event. And do not forget to accessorize your outfit with the perfect scarf or beanie, gloves or belts or berets and even more. Do you want to pay less for getting more? Use one of the available Aliexpress.com Discount Codes and unlock amazing benefits that will get you lower prices for your favorite garments. 

  • Phones & Telecommunications

Do you want a new gadget? Are you a gaming addict? Use one of the Aliexpress.com Voucher Codes to get massive discounts on a new Android phone or on the latest iPhone. Go now to the Phones and Telecommunications Category and grab what is yours: from mobile phone accessories like cases and covers to holders and stands, screen protectors, wireless charges and even more. Plus, you will also find communication equipment including walkie talkie and fiber optic equipment. With right voucher code, you can pay less for famous brands like Xiaomi, Real Me, Samsung, One Plus, Huawei and Samsung. 

  • Computer, Office & Security

When you are thinking about your remote work, what comes first in your mind? Buying a new laptop? A storage device with more memory? A nice and fancy keyboard? Do you want to feel more protected in your home? Have you ever thought about investing in a security system? Aliexpress.com has thought about all the above and it welcomes you with a dedicated category – Computer, Office & Security – where you can find a lot of useful gadgets from well known brands including Xiaomi, Apple, Starcam, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei and Creality. It is now time to make smart shopping and to use the right Aliexpress.com Coupon Code to pay less for a new laptop or for useful components and peripherals and even for office electronics like 3D printers or scanners. You can also buy surveillance items, smoke detectors or alarms and sensors and so son so forth. 

  • Consumer Electronics

With brands like Huawei, LiitoKala, UGREEN, Sony, Xiaomi, Honor and Realme, the Consumer Electronics Category comes in handy with the biggest range of electronic products at an affordable price. You will find VR/AR devices, earphones and headphones, video cameras and accessories, video games, electronic cigarettes, power sources, smart TVs, drones, photo studio supplies, smart home appliances to name only a few of them. And with the latest Aliexpress.com Deals, you can get your favorite product from your favorite brand at a lower price. 

  • Jewelry & Watches

How can you complete your outfit for a stunning appearance that will help you feel like you are on top of the world? We’ve got the right answer. You need high quality jewelries and watches that you can find on the category Jewelry & Watches. You can choose between silver, diamond and pearl jewelry, gemstones and wedding hair jewelry and even more. When it comes to watches, on Aliexpress.com, you will find mechanical ones, quarts watches, digital and sports watches as well ass dual display watches and innovative watches. Do not hesitate and invest more in your appearance without paying a fortune. Unlock now the Aliexpress.com Offers and get amazing discounts that could reach to more than 50% off. 

  • Home, Pet & Appliances

Do you own a pet and you want what is best for your best pal? Do you love creating handmade items that could easily be turned into a piece of art? Or perhaps you are more interested in redecorating your home with the coolest products? You will find everything you need in the Home, Pet & Appliances Category. Here, you can find everything you need: from arts, crafts and sewing products to home storage boxes and bins, from household items to home textiles and décor to kitchen tools and gadgets, from furniture to balloons and artificial flowers and a lot more. And if you want to redesign your home or if you want to invest more in your talent, then the right Aliexpress.com Voucher Code could be what you need because you can get even up to 90% off as a discount. 

  • Bags & Shoes

What would the perfect outfit without the perfect bag or the perfect pair of shoes? Go now to the Bags & Shoes Category and use an Aliexpress.com Coupon Code to get more than 25% off on amazing products like stylish backpacks, evening bags, elegant clutches, briefcases and wallets, high heels, sandals, boots, loafers, flats and trendy sneakers. Brands like Lexsan, Maiermisi, Felix Chu, Beau Today and Dream Paris are waiting for you. 

  • Toys, Kids & Babies

Children need your attention always. Invest in their clothing items and buy them incredible toys with special prices using one of the Aliexpress.com Discount Code. The Category Toys, Kids & Babies welcomes you with a dream world, full of joy and happiness. You can get family matching outfits, baby strollers, outerwear and coats, hoodies and sweatshirts, sleepwear and robes and baby accessories or teething items. Plus, you will find toys from famous brands including Disney, Barbie, PatPat, Lego, BABIQU, Takara Tomy or MoShuBe. 

  • Outdoor Fun & Sports

Nothing beats the outdoor activities, if you are looking for the best equipment for your favorite outdoor sport, then you should definitely check the Outdoor Fun & Sports Category where you will find useful and protective things for swimming, cycling, running, camping and hunting, for golf, fitness and bodybuilding, skiing and snowboarding and even musical instruments. We all know that usually high-quality equipment for outdoor activities could cost us a fortune. But with the right Aliexpress.com Coupon Code, you can save big on all your entire purchase.

  • Beauty, Health & Hair

One of the main categories on Aliexpress.com is the Beauty, Health & Hair where you can find skin care products, synthetic hair, wigs, health care products, makeup for eyes, lips and face, nails accessories, personal care and massage products. And you can also find adult items like condoms, lubricants and vibrators. Important brands are available in this section and you can get what you want with affordable prices when you unlock the amazing Aliexpress.com Deals. Some of the available brands are Mezerdoo, LANBENA, FOCALLURE, Yelix and Joylife.

  • Automobiles & Motorcycles

Did you know that on Aliexpress.com you can also find a wide array of products and accessories for your precious car or your motorcycle beast? Go to the Automobiles & Motorcycles Category, use one of the Aliexpress.com Voucher Codes and save big on your next purchase of auto replacement parts, car electronics, tools, maintenance and care, motorcycle accessories and parts such as helmets, seat covers, wheels and rims, bumpers and chassis, fuel supply, motorbike ignition or frames and fittings. 

  • Tools & Home Improvement

Another important category is the Tools & Home Improvement. It comes in handy with amazing tools for your garden and your home, with indoor lighting, smart family systems, outdoor lighting, home improvement products including electrical equipment and supplies, solar power, kitchen fixtures or alternative power sources and with a lot more. Are you a bargain hunter? Then do not hesitate to use one of the Aliexpress.com Coupon Code to save even more than 50% on selected items.

Benefits of Using Aliexpress.com

With Aliexpress.com you will not only get access to one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies, but you will also get access to the most affordable prices on millions and millions of products that are useful in your life. Aliexpress.com comes in handy with a wide array of benefits including the incredible Buyer Protection Program that will give you the opportunity to solve all the problems you may encounter with your seller. On top of this, you will also get access to an excellent Affiliate Program that could make your richer every month and to a wide range of secure and safe payment methods. Moreover, you can benefit from free shipping and free returns if you comply with the rules in over 200 countries and territories all over the world. Last but not least, what is even more important is that Aliexpress.com is a king when it comes to promotions and discounts. As you enter the website, all kind of deals and coupons will pop-up on your screen no matter if you are a new user or an existing customer. 

Aliexpress.com Shopping Tips

Do you want to hear what are the best shopping tips and tricks on Aliexpress.com? Continue reading and find out how you can get the most out of an Aliexpress.com shopping experience? First of all, we think that you should check out the top selling and the hottest items. Each category on the website has its own bestsellers. Secondly, reduce the costs of your order with the Flash Deals and the Special offers because you can save mor than 50% off on so many products. Thirdly, it is highly important to check the sellers. Basically, it is recommended to order items only from sellers that have a great track record of sales and positive feedback and reviews. Fourthly, always check your parcel to see if everything is in order and make sure that you get your order within the time frame promised by Aliexpress.com. Did you put an eye on an amazing product that has a super low price? Pay attention and better avoid this type of purchase because the product might not be genuine. Last but not least, always communicate with your seller and you should always read carefully all the details and description of the items you want to purchase. 

Ways to Save More at Aliexpress.com

If you are a bargain hunter, then you need to know which are the best and the easiest ways to save more when you order from Aliexpress.com. You should sign-up to the newsletter since the beginning to get at least $5 discount on your first order and to stay in touch with the latest news, promotional offers and the newest arrivals. Do not hesitate and have a closer look to the special sections like Flash Deals, Top Ranking and Weekly and you can save up to 90% off on specific items. Do you want to get access to exclusive offers and to customized promotions? Download the official Aliexpress.com app and you will get exclusive prices for selected products. Buying in bulk is another way to save money on your order alongside with buying items from past seasons and collections. Furthermore, always shop during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles’ Day Sales, Christmas and so on so forth to get your favorite items at a lower price. And, of course, you shouldn’t forget about the Aliexpress.com coupon codes or voucher codes. They could get you discounts that could reach to 50% off and to even more depending on the occasion. 

About Aliexpress.com Coupons & Deals

On Aliexpress.com, you will find various coupon codes that will bring you high-quality goods at a reduced price. With the right coupon code, you can save more than 50% off on your entire order or you can benefit from free express worldwide shipping and free gifts. There are different coupon codes, some offers you a percentage discount on your order and others offer you a fixed amount of money that will be deducted from your order. If you are not confident enough to use an Aliexpress.com coupon code, then you should check the Deals section to get great value for millions of products. On Aliexpress.com there is always something on promotion. 

The Maximum Discount Offered by Aliexpress.com Coupon

In a regular day, the maximum discount offered by Aliexpress.com coupon code could reach to 20% off. But during the special times of the year like the Mid-Season or Final Season Sale, you can save up to 90% off on selected items. 

Aliexpress.com Coupon for New Customers

Are you a new customer on Aliexpress.com? Go no to the official website and grab what is yours. Directly on the homepage, you will find your coupon code of at least $3 that you can use on your first purchase on the platform. 

Aliexpress.com Coupon for Existing Customers

Loyal customers from Aliexpress.com have more reasons to love the company. Every moment of every day, the homepage welcomes you with great coupon codes that will bring you massive discounts. You can save more than 65% off on thousands and thousands of useful items. 

Aliexpress.com 11.11 Offers & Promo Codes

The day with the biggest sales in an entire year has finally arrived on Aliexpress.com? on the 11th of November, people from the Planet Earth are celebrating the Singles’ Day Sales Event, known also as Double 11. And Aliexpress.com knows how to attract new customer to the platforms and knows how to keep their most loyal customer. That is why, on 11.11 you can get up to 90% off for products that are suitable for both men and women as well as for kids. And with the right promo codes, you can get items free of charge and you can benefit from free shipping regardless your order value. 

Aliexpress.com Black Friday Offers & Promo Codes

Over the past years, Black Friday has become on of the most special sales events. More and more companies are giving you more days to benefit from special offers that will bring you special prices on all the items from their portfolio. Aliexpress.com does not make any exception and brings you up to 60% off on all the items from the website. It is a wonderful occasion to either change your wardrobe or to invest more in your home office or to redecorate your house and garden. And the promo codes specially created for Black Friday are a must have. You can save even more than 60% off on selected items. 

Aliexpress.com Cyber Monday Offers & Promo Codes

Cyber Monday, the sales event that is dedicated to the technology sector comes in handy on Aliexpress.com with discounts that could reach again 60% off. If you are a passionate gamer or if you want to invest more in your photography skills, then this is your biggest shot. And with the right Cyber Monday promo code, you can get even more. 

Aliexpress.com Christmas Offers & Promo Codes

Who does not like December, the time when everything shines bright in the moonlight? Do not waste time queueing at the cash desk inside the mall from your time? Stop spending time in the crowded traffic and shop your Christmas gifts from Aliexpress.com directly from the comfort of your home. Do not miss the deals because you can save up to 60% off on so many items. Light up the happiness and buy the perfect gifts for your dear ones without wasting a fortune. Simply use the Christmas promo codes that are available during the Holiday Season.


Is It Possible to Pay on Aliexpress.com With PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal on Aliexpress.com if you are from a country that supports this method of payment.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes for Items Ordered from Aliexpress.com?

Always remember that custom duties and additional taxes are never covered by the company. This means that you may have to pay some taxes and custom duties for your order because these are not included in the price of the product neither in the overall shipping costs. Due to the fact that on Aliexpress.com you are buying from overseas sellers you will pay some taxes. But it all depends on the type of items, their value in money, the weight of the package and the country of origin the best thing to do is to contact your seller or your local customs authority.

How Can I Cancel an Aliexpress.com Order?

You can cancel your order only if it was not shipped to you. Go to your Aliexpress.com account and on your order page, you should click on the button View Deals and then you should select Cancel Order. Select the reason of cancellation and the click on the button Submit to send your request. The seller should send you his/her answer within 72 hours. If the seller fails to do so, then your order will automatically be closed and you will receive your refund in your account.  If your order has already been shipped, you can reject the parcel when it arrives at your address or you can return all your products afterwards.

What Is the Best Aliexpress.com Coupon?

The best Aliexpress.com Coupon Code is the one that is suitable to your needs. But we think that the most adequate coupon code is the one that comes with the biggest discounts and with free shipping. Usually, your order needs to be of a certain value to get free shipping or to get at least $20. There are times when you will find coupon codes that could bring you up to 50% off regardless the time of the year.

Can I Use Aliexpress.com Promo Codes Taken from Other Sites?

Yes, you can definitely use Aliexpress.com Promo Codes from other sites as long as you respect the rules of the game and you meet the requirements. There are many websites apart from Aliexpress.com that offer promo codes for this platform. And some of the most trusted ones are www.promonix.com, www.promocode.ac, www.global-discount-codes.com or aktywne-kupony.pl.

Does Aliexpress.com Offer Free Shipping?

You can get free standard shipping on most of the items that you can find on Aliexpress.com but you may need to wait up to 45 days to receive your parcel. All you need to keep in mind is that the free shipping policy depends on each seller. There are many sellers that do offer free worldwide shipping regardless your order value but there are also sellers that do not give you free shipping at all.

Does Aliexpress.com Offer A Discount for The First Order?

You will get a $3 discount on your first order on Aliexpress.com that is over $4. And every now and then, Aliexpress.com offers you at least $5 for your first order when you subscribe to the newsletter. 

What Happens with A Return?

The Buyer Protection Policy is one of the biggest advantages on Aliexpress.com because it keeps you and your parcel safe. If you receive the wrong item or if it takes even longer than 45 days to receive your parcel, then you are entitled to request a full refund within 15 days from the day your order has been completed. You should firstly discuss any issues you might have directly with the seller and if him/her does not give you a solution, then you can open a dispute with Aliexpress.com.

Do Aliexpress.com Coupons Work for All Products and Categories?

You will usually find Aliexpress.com coupons that work for all products and categories. Always search for the ones that are suitable for your entire order if you want to buy different items from different categories.

How to Get Aliexpress.com Promo Codes

Aliexpress.com has promo codes that are suitable not only for existing customers, but also for the new ones. If you want to get a massive discount on your entire order or if you want to get reduced prices for premium items, then you need to look for the right promo codes. And when you find the one that is more adequate for your purchase and preferences, you should follow our next easy-to-use steps:

  1. Go to Aliexpress.com and log into your own account.
  2. Add all the products you want to buy in the shopping cart that you can find on the upper right-handed corner on the homepage and open it to make any additional changes. 
  3. In the order summary page, enter your code in the Promo Code field.
  4. Enter all the required information, choose the shipping method and the delivery destination. 
  5. Now go to the payment page to finalize your purchase. 

How to Use an Aliexpress.com Coupon

Before using one of the Aliexpress.com coupons, you need to know a few things. These coupons can be used in any store on the platform and you can even combine purchases from different sellers but keep in mind the fact that you can use only one coupon for each order. Follow our guidelines to use your Aliexpress.com Coupon within seconds. 

  1. Log into your own Aliexpress.com account.
  2. Make sure you read all the details of the coupon to see if you need to follow some rules. 
  3. Go to My Coupons section to see what are your coupons.
  4. Add your favorite items in the shopping, delivery destination and the shipping method.
  5. Go to the checkout page where your coupon will be added automatically and choose your payment method to finish your purchase. 

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13 June 2024

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Important Aliexpress.com Info

Aliexpress.com is undoubtedly a wonder and a miracle for people all over the world. It has gained the hurts of millions and millions of passionate online shoppers thanks to its diverse portfolio. On Aliexpress.com you will pay less for your shipping fees or you will get zero costs regarding shipping because the majority of sellers are based in China and this fact keeps down the costs. Moreover, Aliexpress.com conquers your heart thanks to the active presence on social media, mobile app and the Rewards Program that could bring you extra money in your pockets. Below, you will find a brief description about all the above and about the payment methods and the Customer Support Team.

Aliexpress.com Address

699 Wang Shang Road, Binjiang District
310052 Hangzhou

Aliexpress.com Contact Methods

Are you looking for an answer to your questions? Do you need more details about Aliexpress.com policies? Do you want to know how to contact the Customer Support Team when you cannot get a refund or when you do not receive your order? You can have a quick look in the FAQs page on the official website and if you do not find a satisfying answer for your issues, then you can reach the Customer Support Team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Live Chat option. Or, better get in touch directly with your seller by going to the product detail page. Here, you will need to click on the button Contact now to send a message to the seller. 

Aliexpress.com Payment Methods

Aliexpress.com gives access to the following payment methods: credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB), Alipay, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Webmoney, Doku Wallet, Boleto, Mercado Pago and Giropay.

Aliexpress.com Shipping & Costs

Aliexpress.com offers free worldwide shipping. The free standard shipping is available all over the world but it comes with a disadvantage. You will have to wait up to 45 days to receive your parcel. You can choose the express shipping via UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS and TNT and you will get your parcel within 14 days depending on the delivery destination. The shipping costs are decided by the seller and it depends on the weight of your parcel, content of it and the country of destination. But most of the products sold on Aliexpress.com come with a standard shipping fee that is no higher then $3. 

Aliexpress.com on Social-Media

Stay connected and do not miss any news and deals. If you are a shopaholic and you want be up-to-date with all the interesting things in the e-commerce sector, then you should join the coolest Aliexpress.com community on social media. Follow its activity on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. You will get access to interviews, tips and tricks and how-to guides and to even more. Get inspired and read the official blog too because you will get access articles like 8 smart home devices for a cooler, more intelligent living space, Halloween home décor that will have you screaming for more, 40 cool must-have toys for the holiday season or 3 must-buy travel items for new parents. 

AliExpress Mobile App

Download now the official Aliexpress.com mobile app to shop on-the-go anytime you want, anywhere you go. Now you’ve got the whole world at your fingertips. You can do you shopping from the comfort of your home or at the gym or when you are walking in the park thanks to the app, that is available from the App Store and Google Play. This incredible and fun app comes in handy with an upgraded layout for a better and an easier shopping experience and with shopping inspirations and ideas straight on our feed. Furthermore, with the app, you will get exclusive discounts that are not available on the website and you will also receive real-time notifications about all the current promotions, welcome gifts and so on so forth. 

Aliexpress.com Rewards Program

Do you want to be rewarded by simply shopping from the biggest online mall? Become now an official Aliexpress.com member and level-up your membership status to get shopping points and bonuses. You will get access to exclusive discounts and exclusive member prices as well as birthday rewards and anniversary rewards. Plus, you will also get access to exclusive member activities and to special items. Join now the official Affiliate Program to get even more. Register now on Aliexpress.com and get your affiliate link. Share it on your social media channels and generate sales to Aliexpress.com. You will get up to 50% commission rates and you can earn up to $20.000 every month depending on how active and hardworking you are.